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"Claire researched the products well on both occasions and offered sound advice."
Sarah, Hampshire, Admin Officer

"Claire is very knowledgeable about all aspects of finance. She is easy to communicate with and therefore easy to talk to. She reviews my portfolio on a regular basis and always appears to be 'one step ahead' of changes in the financial market, so financial information gets passed on quickly. Claire understands my attitude to risk and my personal knowledge of finance which she uses to continually improve my portfolio. I've found her to be very efficient with her work and to top it all she is a very nice person."

What could your adviser do better?
"It is very difficult for me to find anything that Claire could do better because financially she meets my needs and requirements so thoroughly."
IAN, Cheshire, Educationalist/Photographer

"Accudo Investments - Claire Csoka - have been our financial advisors since 2006. They have advised my husband and myself on general financial planning, investments and also in obtaining a mortgage for us. Both my husband and I are retired and they have given us the very best advice and help for our investments - giving us a comfortable income. We have received the highest quality of professional service, they are very friendly and efficient in everything they do."
Susan, Leicestershire, retired

"Claire is honest, knowledgeable and reliable. She will always do her absolute best for you. I could not ask for more."

What could your adviser do better?
Naomi, Oxfordshire

"Claire has been my Financial Adviser for around 13 years now (formerly when she managed the St Albans branch of Edward Jones and later via Accudo Investments Ltd in the recent years). Claire has looked after my pension schemes and my other investment business. I am very happy with the service I have received over the years, both in terms of the performance of my portfolio, the level of personnel service and Claire’s technical knowledge. When I first met Claire she informed me that she was a qualified chartered accountant, as well as a financial adviser, and as such she understands the tax planning aspect of financial advice, plus also the tax issues faced by small businesses. This struck a chord with me and I believe this is an extra string to Claire’s bow, over and above the expertise of many other advisers. As I am self-employed and I prefer to work with other owner managed businesses as I believe they have a similar ethos to myself in that owner/managers take pride in their work and are driven to provide the best long term service they can to clients. I would recommend Claire to anyone who wants to ensure that their investments are well looked after."

What could your adviser do better?
"Claire does a excellent all round job."
Nigel, Hertfordshire, Director

"My portfolio that we put together after taking an interest only mortgage has performed much better than average, even during the recession.
It has been a source of contention in our house as my husband decided to stick with his previous advisor and I am currently beating him hands down!
Thanks Claire, one for the girls - and it looks like we will be able to pay off our mortgage sooner than we thought!"

Alison, West Yorkshire, Teacher

"Claire is extremely knowledgeable, professional, technically capable and personable. Claire is never too busy to talk or discuss plans/options. I find her very easy to communicate with. I have great confidence in her experience and industry knowledge."
Kerry, Outside UK, Fund Manager

"I first met Claire eight or nine years ago she took the time to talk to me and find out extacly what i wanted as i wasn't entirely sure how best to invest my funds which were just sitting in the bank, also about spreading the risk. Claire has contacted me frequently to update me and made me aware of how my funds are progressing and made further suggestions for investments. I have a basic understand of my finances but it's been useful having Claire explain it to me in a manner which i understand. Fundamentally i have continued with Claire because i have trust and confidence in both her as an individual and her professional advice. More recently i am proceeding with a house purchase and Claire has been most helpful in advising me and providing mortgage support"

What could your adviser do better?
"I would like to see Claire expand as i feel she has a lot to offer especially for new clients wanting to begin an investment portfolio, it can be a nervous time choosing how best to invest your hard earned savings and to have confidence in a financial advisor is invaluable"

Rowena, Hampshire, Medical Key Account Manager

"Takes time to understand my needs. Advice given and questions answered in a way I can understand. I always feel Claire is "hands on" and not just reading a report and therefore feel that my finances are being looked after."

Jim, Hampshire, MD

"Claire took time to understand my requirements and the way in which I approach my personal finances and tailors her approach to this extremely well. She takes the time to understand whether either my circumstances or my approach to risk etc have changed and adapts her advice accordingly. I always feel that Claire has done detailed research in advance of our reviews and like that she is prepared to make changes when there is the potential for higher growth.
Have recommended Claire to others and they have been equally impressed."

What could your adviser do better?
"Can't think of anything."
Adam, London, Finance & Performance Director

"Claire's approach is extremely professional and she takes time to understand what the client is looking for long term before making any recommendations. She is personable and efficient and her annual reports are informative and so far extremely positive."
Lisa, London, Director

"Claire is business like but friendly. She takes as much time as is needed to understand our needs and our approach to investments and always explains clearly and without jargon the products she recommends. She keeps us up to date with anything we need to know between annual reviews. The reviews are comprehensive and easy to understand and give an opportunity for us to change any investment as necessary. She is clear and up front about the scale of charges and always looks for competitive rates. We appreciate her personal touch and interest in us as a family. All our family members now use her expertise!"

What could your adviser do better?
"I know that this would be helpful but there's really nothing to add"
Peter, Dorset

"Claire is an excellent financial adviser. She has looked after my affairs for over 10 years and she was always been efficient and willing to help even with the smallest of queries. She explains complicated financial matters, such as pensions extremely well. Her company is also well supported by Sandra, her assistant.
I would recommend her to anyone and have indeed done so."

What could your adviser do better?
"She has done so many things well- this is really hard to answer.
I suppose she could be more have been quicker in spotting I was paying more for household insurance than I should have but a minor complaint."

Ted, Hertfordshire, Teacher