Frequently asked questions

Do I need a financial advisor for pension planning?

Making decisions about your retirement can be complex. A qualified advisor will be able to put together a suitable investment portfolio and make sure that your savings and drawdown are done tax efficiently. He or she will keep you informed of any changes to regulations and will make sure that these are implemented if they affect you.

How much money can I take from my pension?

Ongoing management and advice is crucial as the answer to this question will change as your circumstances change. You need to calculate a suitable income to meet your needs without depleting your pot too quickly. Your financial advisor will help you assess your evolving circumstances and help you adapt your fund management accordingly.

Will my retirement income be taxed?

Taking money from your pension will incur tax, but with the assistance of your financial advisor, you can keep your total income for the year, including private and state pensions, and any earnings, below the annual tax allowance so that you don’t need to pay any tax.