I was assessing retirement and choosing the best route forward for the money I was to release from my pension as well as assessing the savings portfolio I had acquired. I had never dealt with an independent financial advisor before, but had come across some advisors in other institutions, which were not overly impressive or experienced (in some instances), hence why I thought it worthwhile to try someone who would not have an axe to grind for a High Street brand or product. In our initial meeting, Claire was very approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and was able to quickly see where I could be helped and how we could plan for the future.
I was considering retiring early from my defined benefit pension scheme, and wanted to ascertain whether transferring to a personal plan and accessing my benefits via flexible access drawdown would better serve my needs than drawing my pension from the defined benefit scheme.In the event that transferring out did better serve my needs, I would need an advisor who could facilitate the transfer out, advise on how and where to invest the funds, and advise on and assist in the drawdown process. As an Independent Financial Advisor who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Claire was able to provide the advice and expertise I required. Claire is an amiable person who is a pleasure to work with.